Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ending the dry spell

Whew. After an almost month-long kinky dry spell, it's nice to have that familiar soreness back as I sit down to catch up on my internet life.

We'd been talking about how we'd been unreasonably vanilla lately and tonight it finally spilled over into a very satisfying session.

Bree has a deep-throating/gagging fetish and I can say that I love satisfying it. Today our playtime transitioned from him watching me gag on his cock to there being a sudden decision that I had been a very bad girl and needed to be punished. (Although for the life of me I can't remember what I'd done *g*)

Before I knew what was happening I was pinned face-down across the bed and he was spreading lube across my still-sore arse with a generous hand. A quick reminder to be gentle and the next thing I knew he was balls-deep in my ass. Ouch.

Not necessarily a bad ouch, just more of the "Oh god, there's been too much sex in the last few days" kind.

I couldn't help the small whimpering noises that forced their way out into the mattress as he fucked me (and the damn sadist even got off on them). Soon enough he tired of pounding my ass and I was flipped over for some quality playtime.

Some of my favourite toys are clothespins. Three per tit today, and the ever-awesome Bree spent a good 20 minutes twisting, tugging and otherwise making me scream in ways that would've had the neighbors calling the cops if we lived in a better part of town.

Only after this did Bree let me take my vibrator and bliss my cunt into oblivion.

Here's where I should probably note that I'm currently non-orgasmic (not to imply that I don't enjoy sex, or anything...just sayin).

Apparently I was in a masochistic mood tonight, because I vaguely remember whimpering and pleading with him to spank me - until the point where my arse is both red and unpleasantly sensitive to sit on.

Surprisingly, I've sat still long enough to get this out. Hope everyone enjoyed my novice attempt at sexblogging. (Opinions and critiques are both enjoyed)

Until next time.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great night to me. ^_^
One of my favorite parts of spanking Luvbunny is that her bum is sore for a day or two - and I playfully swat it every time she walks by. lol.

College Cutie said...


Interestingly enough, I don't really stay that sore.

Even after an intense session I'm usually back to normal by the end of the day.
(I'm like the Wolverine of kink)