Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bit of a mash-up post today.

I'm in a startlingly ADD mood today and since my 3-hour Justice Admin class was canceled, I decided I'd throw together a few things that have made me happy lately.

First, over at The Jaded Hippy she put together an awesome little (36 track) mixtape over on You should totally go listen to it - it's been making my day.
And, just to make things better, check out her site while you're at it. She's one of the sites I love to hang out at because there's a good mix of feminism and politics, serious and light-hearted.

Second, I happen to count myself as a modified individual - I've got a handful of ear piercings (3 8g lobes, a rook and both tragus), one 'down below', and I'm seriously considering my first tattoo. I do a lot of my shopping at Bodyartforms and if there's anyone else out there who's into larger-gauge jewelry I would really recommend going there between the 16th and 19th - there's a 25% off sale going on if you use the coupon BAFHallow08.
Other features I love about the site: once you sign up for an account you can create wishlists plus if you spend over $275 as a registered user, you get 10% off all future orders. I just hit the 10% marker the other day and I can't wait to splurge on some awesome Seraphins.

Third would be my wonderful and ever-supportive Bree. I really wish I had something to link to for this one, but he's been hogging the camera trying to get a decent picture of me to use on the blog.
Speaking of that, any ideas as to what I should do? I'm currently considering gratuitous cleavage, because everyone knows you can't be a sex blog without the boobies.


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