Monday, November 24, 2008

Rainy days mean time for smut.

Good morning!

Since it's rainy and cold I'm cuddled up in front of the interwebs rounding up smut in another of my libido-induced treks.

I've run into a couple of interesting posts today - first up are a couple of links (originally from Fleshbot) about The Madonna of Orgasm Church. Which I think is just made of awesome and win.
First, at Nerve. Next one is at an English-language Swedish news site called The Local.

Since Bree and I are planning on moving to Sweden once we're both out of school, I think this is something I'll definitely be looking into.

If I ever get around to the Big O, that is.

Next, writingdirty shares a small fetish of mine. It just so happens that he and I are on opposite ends of the experience.

And because I can't seem to stop at just one link, a few pictures to go along with it: Liz Vicious (sorry, but it's a pay gallery) and a few from deviantART [yes, I know that all rights belong to whoever owns it] organized by owner: {EDIT: deviantART hates me and won't link properly. To see where I found these, go to photography, people & portraits then search for sock fetish. Have fun.}

Ms. Jackie also posted Queynte 12, which I think is just as wonderful and cunt-affirming as all the others in her series [1-8 here and 9-11 here].

Finally, just because it makes me happy, a t-girl post from Fleshbot.


Oh, and Bree's been promising something horrible for me later - I'll update when I find out what's going on.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Queynte Portrait

Ms. Jackie just notified me today that my Queynte was finished, so I had to run over and look.

Here's the reference photo I sent her - I think her result came out beautifully.

It's odd...I've always been kind of shy about my bits, but showing 'em off like this has done nothing but made me feel more positive about them.

Oh, I can't wait until Bree wakes up so I can show him. (The spat was a temporary thing, it seems)

Happiness apparently comes in the form of a technicolor twat today.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Oh, bleh.

Hey again - life's not so good here.

1st: The University put a $248 hold on my account. Dealt with that today. Savings now has all of $500.

2nd: Fought with Bree (originally over whether a quickie involves foreplay or not). He feels under-appreciated. I hate having to work things out - this is the part of a relationship that I usually run from.

3rd: Went to campus counseling to try and talk things out with someone. They have a waiting list until December.

4th: Asily dropped our Friday night get-together due to my "inconvenient leak" (i.e. it's that time of the month)

So, I promise I'll get to some awesome posts or sweet links or something later.

For now, go Sugasm.