Monday, November 24, 2008

Rainy days mean time for smut.

Good morning!

Since it's rainy and cold I'm cuddled up in front of the interwebs rounding up smut in another of my libido-induced treks.

I've run into a couple of interesting posts today - first up are a couple of links (originally from Fleshbot) about The Madonna of Orgasm Church. Which I think is just made of awesome and win.
First, at Nerve. Next one is at an English-language Swedish news site called The Local.

Since Bree and I are planning on moving to Sweden once we're both out of school, I think this is something I'll definitely be looking into.

If I ever get around to the Big O, that is.

Next, writingdirty shares a small fetish of mine. It just so happens that he and I are on opposite ends of the experience.

And because I can't seem to stop at just one link, a few pictures to go along with it: Liz Vicious (sorry, but it's a pay gallery) and a few from deviantART [yes, I know that all rights belong to whoever owns it] organized by owner: {EDIT: deviantART hates me and won't link properly. To see where I found these, go to photography, people & portraits then search for sock fetish. Have fun.}

Ms. Jackie also posted Queynte 12, which I think is just as wonderful and cunt-affirming as all the others in her series [1-8 here and 9-11 here].

Finally, just because it makes me happy, a t-girl post from Fleshbot.


Oh, and Bree's been promising something horrible for me later - I'll update when I find out what's going on.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Queynte Portrait

Ms. Jackie just notified me today that my Queynte was finished, so I had to run over and look.

Here's the reference photo I sent her - I think her result came out beautifully.

It's odd...I've always been kind of shy about my bits, but showing 'em off like this has done nothing but made me feel more positive about them.

Oh, I can't wait until Bree wakes up so I can show him. (The spat was a temporary thing, it seems)

Happiness apparently comes in the form of a technicolor twat today.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Oh, bleh.

Hey again - life's not so good here.

1st: The University put a $248 hold on my account. Dealt with that today. Savings now has all of $500.

2nd: Fought with Bree (originally over whether a quickie involves foreplay or not). He feels under-appreciated. I hate having to work things out - this is the part of a relationship that I usually run from.

3rd: Went to campus counseling to try and talk things out with someone. They have a waiting list until December.

4th: Asily dropped our Friday night get-together due to my "inconvenient leak" (i.e. it's that time of the month)

So, I promise I'll get to some awesome posts or sweet links or something later.

For now, go Sugasm.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm baaack!

Hey guys - I've been out for a lil bit cause life's been busy.


I'm now the proud owner of 3 dumbo-eared fancy rats.
(Pictures will be up whenever I get the camera rigged up properly)

They're a handful, but so sweet. I never would've imagined that a rodent could be so awesome - they're a lot like little dogs (but far more innovative).

I've also been scheduling my classes for the Spring semester.

Almost a full semester late, but I finally got around to declaring my major. Biology with a concentration in Ecology.

I hadn't thought about it much until recently, but I was putting off declaring because I was afraid to do what I wanted to do. It scared me that I might not be able to find a job in my field, there was the worry that I just wouldn't be good enough to make it.

It was really refreshing to bite the bullet and commit myself to something. Makes me feel...empowered and on track for once.

Oh, and I'd like to put in a quick note - it's cold here. Especially when you work night shift.
So, I ordered a hat from Anime Hot and I'm eagerly awaiting it's arrival.

I really like this site, mainly because of their tendency to do giveaway contests (which I'm a real sucker for).

Also, on a different note - there's a girl I've been talking to (Asily) who's interested in having me over 'for some fun'. Hopefully things will work out with that and my Friday night will be a little better than expected.

Either way, I should be posting again soon.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ending the dry spell

Whew. After an almost month-long kinky dry spell, it's nice to have that familiar soreness back as I sit down to catch up on my internet life.

We'd been talking about how we'd been unreasonably vanilla lately and tonight it finally spilled over into a very satisfying session.

Bree has a deep-throating/gagging fetish and I can say that I love satisfying it. Today our playtime transitioned from him watching me gag on his cock to there being a sudden decision that I had been a very bad girl and needed to be punished. (Although for the life of me I can't remember what I'd done *g*)

Before I knew what was happening I was pinned face-down across the bed and he was spreading lube across my still-sore arse with a generous hand. A quick reminder to be gentle and the next thing I knew he was balls-deep in my ass. Ouch.

Not necessarily a bad ouch, just more of the "Oh god, there's been too much sex in the last few days" kind.

I couldn't help the small whimpering noises that forced their way out into the mattress as he fucked me (and the damn sadist even got off on them). Soon enough he tired of pounding my ass and I was flipped over for some quality playtime.

Some of my favourite toys are clothespins. Three per tit today, and the ever-awesome Bree spent a good 20 minutes twisting, tugging and otherwise making me scream in ways that would've had the neighbors calling the cops if we lived in a better part of town.

Only after this did Bree let me take my vibrator and bliss my cunt into oblivion.

Here's where I should probably note that I'm currently non-orgasmic (not to imply that I don't enjoy sex, or anything...just sayin).

Apparently I was in a masochistic mood tonight, because I vaguely remember whimpering and pleading with him to spank me - until the point where my arse is both red and unpleasantly sensitive to sit on.

Surprisingly, I've sat still long enough to get this out. Hope everyone enjoyed my novice attempt at sexblogging. (Opinions and critiques are both enjoyed)

Until next time.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bit of a mash-up post today.

I'm in a startlingly ADD mood today and since my 3-hour Justice Admin class was canceled, I decided I'd throw together a few things that have made me happy lately.

First, over at The Jaded Hippy she put together an awesome little (36 track) mixtape over on You should totally go listen to it - it's been making my day.
And, just to make things better, check out her site while you're at it. She's one of the sites I love to hang out at because there's a good mix of feminism and politics, serious and light-hearted.

Second, I happen to count myself as a modified individual - I've got a handful of ear piercings (3 8g lobes, a rook and both tragus), one 'down below', and I'm seriously considering my first tattoo. I do a lot of my shopping at Bodyartforms and if there's anyone else out there who's into larger-gauge jewelry I would really recommend going there between the 16th and 19th - there's a 25% off sale going on if you use the coupon BAFHallow08.
Other features I love about the site: once you sign up for an account you can create wishlists plus if you spend over $275 as a registered user, you get 10% off all future orders. I just hit the 10% marker the other day and I can't wait to splurge on some awesome Seraphins.

Third would be my wonderful and ever-supportive Bree. I really wish I had something to link to for this one, but he's been hogging the camera trying to get a decent picture of me to use on the blog.
Speaking of that, any ideas as to what I should do? I'm currently considering gratuitous cleavage, because everyone knows you can't be a sex blog without the boobies.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cunt Modeling

I had the good fortune lately to run across Jackie Adshead's Fantasy Fannies project. I was so enamored that I decided to call the wonderful woman and ask if my own humble cunt could have a chance at being painted alongside so many other blogger's.

She said yes! So off I went to Bree, camera in hand, to see just how photogenic my quim could be. Sadly, I don't think I'll be posting the resulting photo here (unless someone can be really persuasive about it *grins*) but I'll be sure to link whenever Ms Jackie gets around to posting her next set of paintings.

Honestly I think this is an amazing project, and a good way to expose women to the 'beauty down below' without it being overly clinical or intimidating. Her paintings are marvelously done, and if she ever decides to sell them (at a price my college budget can afford) I will undoubtedly be buying a whole collection - I love the idea of being a little shocking and yet still decorative.
I mean, if my roommate can threaten to post a Warhol-esque vulva print in the living room then there shouldn't be anything wrong with one-upping her with a whole collection of technicolor twats.

Guess we'll just have to see how that turns out.


Thursday, October 09, 2008

First Review!

So I'm working on becoming a toy reviewer for EdenFantasys and I just posted my first review today. It's of the Small Silk silicone dildo, and you can go and read

Although I'd probably classify myself on the soft butch side of the gender spectrum, I've got one of the worst cases of penis envy you'll find. Imagine my glee when Bree suggested that we invest in a strap-on - I immediately began dreaming of a cock of porn-star proportions.
What did I get? A sweetly innocent little dildo that I couldn't see sending anyone in paroxysms of ecstasy. Admittedly, it's pretty much awesome for anal (aside from being a bit floppier than any self-respecting erection) but I still haven't gotten over my deep desire for a large, -intimidating- penis.

Eh, Bree's offering to buy me a larger one if I ever run into a girl that I'd like to play with, so there's still some hope in the distant future.
For now, though, there's still plenty of enjoyment to be had in strapping one on and then following him around the apartment waggling my cock at him.