Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Oh, bleh.

Hey again - life's not so good here.

1st: The University put a $248 hold on my account. Dealt with that today. Savings now has all of $500.

2nd: Fought with Bree (originally over whether a quickie involves foreplay or not). He feels under-appreciated. I hate having to work things out - this is the part of a relationship that I usually run from.

3rd: Went to campus counseling to try and talk things out with someone. They have a waiting list until December.

4th: Asily dropped our Friday night get-together due to my "inconvenient leak" (i.e. it's that time of the month)

So, I promise I'll get to some awesome posts or sweet links or something later.

For now, go Sugasm.


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